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33 Sports Massage is all about utilizing the therapeutic techniques from massage to help speed up injury recovery, correct body posture, prevent injuries, increase flexibility, promote good circulation, and improve performance. 

  • What does a session with us look like?
    To clear this up we are not your typical full body massage therapist. We are trained to isolate muscles or muscle groups, and work problem areas. A session with us will typically consist of an assessment from your therapist both of posture and range of motion. Then goals will be set to help each other get an understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Once this is done technique and tool use will be discussed right before the real work starts! We may recommend certain tools or techniques, but you are in control of your session! We will only use what makes you comfortable.
  • What if I just want to relax?
    The only time we might do a full body relaxing massage is for an athlete the night before an event or a post eventmassage. BUT we do have a few amazing relaxation options. We utilize cupping or chair massage for those that just need some relaxation time along with benefits from massage. If a relaxation session is all you are looking for then mention that to your therapist so we can discuss those options!
  • Do I have to be an athlete to get a sports massage?
    Heavens no! Everyone is an athlete in their own right. Day to day life beats us all down. Being Sports Massage Therapist just really means we truly focus on corrective bodywork. If you need relief then we have your back no matter who you are!
  • What do I wear?
    We truly can work at whatever your comfort level is. We recommend men bringing some athletic shorts, and women bringing some athletic shorts and sports bra. If we need to work an area that would be covered by those OR you do not have any then some sheets for draping will be provided. In a lot of cases such as chair massage clients typically remained fully clothed. We work with all types of comfort levels!
  • What therapies do you use?
    Cupping Massage gun Myofascial instruments Red Light therapy Targeted Deep Tissue massage Assisted stretching
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